Take Help With Yoga to Loss Your Weight at Home

Weight Loss Yoga Asanas

Weight Loss Yoga Asanas

What are Weight Loss Yoga Asanas? How they can help to fit the human body? A five-thousand-year-old transcription by the Indus valley civilization on fragile palm leaves has paved the way to an innovative weight loss therapy. Yoga is mentioned in the Rigveda, an Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. Yoga can be traced back over a thousand years ago by researchers. Its rich history can be divided into periods that have seen innovation, practice, and development. The Rishis and Brahmans, who had studied the Upanishads, refined Yoga and made it more accessible. Later, this practice evolved over many years into what is now known as Yoga.

1. Plank pose (phalakasana)

Planks may seem simple, the benefits can be enormous. Planks can strengthen your core, shoulders, back, buttocks, and thighs. You can do a plank by putting your elbows and wrists in a push-up position. Then, relax your neck and look down. That is not necessary like other gym activities so you can keep the position for as long as possible.

2. Bow pose (dhanurasana)

Are you looking for a way of toning your back and belly? Bow pose is a great way to tone your belly and back. Bow pose strengthens your core, abdominal, and posture and also stretches your entire body. This asana works on your back, chest, and abs. Keep your face down, bend your knees, and hold your ankle with both your hands. Your knees should be at your hips. While lifting your chest and legs off the ground, keep your ankle straight. Continue to breathe and hold the pose for at least 20 seconds.

3. Triangle pose (trikonasana)

The triangle pose activates the lower obliques and strengthens the thighs. It also improves blood circulation throughout your body and relieves backache. This pose is excellent for weight loss as it can help you to reduce the fat around your stomach and waist. Standing with your feet approximately three feet apart, bend your knees and place your right foot forward. Move your left hand toward the ceiling and touch your feet. For 20-30 seconds, keep this position.

4. Bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana)

Now, lie down on your back With a bend to your knees. Keep your feet flat on a hard surface. Place your palms facing down on your palms and push your torso upward. Make your head and back straight mean flat on the ground. This pose is excellent for weight loss and helps improve digestion.

5. Downward facing dog pose (Adho mukha svanasana)

The downward-facing dog position is a great way to tone your body. This pose will strengthen your back, glutes, and thighs. Although it looks easy, you will feel the heat when you do this pose. Begin by laying your hands on the ground, with your knees bent at a distance of about afoot. Now, straighten your legs by lifting your knees off of the ground and pressing your heels down. Next, you can force your heels onto the floor by applying pressure to the palm. For 10 seconds, stay in this position.

6. Chair pose

The chair pose is excellent for strengthening your legs and has many benefits. Can use many chair poses to increase muscle mass, but all of them work well. This pose targets your lower body muscles, such as your hips, waist, and abdominal area. Start by standing straight. Next, connect your palms and make a namaste gesture. Took your hand in straight position above your head. Finally, keep your knees bent, so your thighs touch the ground. For faster weight loss, stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.

7. Warrior I pose (virabhadrasana )

Warrior I is a unique upper body exercise. This pose helps strengthen the arms, shoulders, legs, and back. This pose helps to balance and energize your entire body. Stand straight and extend your legs straight up. Make sure your back should be straight while you are doing this pose. Turn your upper body sideways and bend your knees. Your hand should be raised straight as a wing. Ten seconds.

8. Boat pose

Your body should look like a boat while you are doing this pose. It’s simple, but you will need to balance to maintain the pose. Now, sit on the ground and straighten your legs. Next, lift your legs so that your hands are parallel to the ground. For 10-20 seconds, keep this position.

9. Standing forward bend pose (uttanasana)

Keep your feet about hip-width apart. Next, keep your feet hip-width apart and bend down to touch the ground with your palms. This position improves digestion and strengthens as well as your abdominal muscles. It can also improve your mental and bodily health.

10. Upward facing dog pose

This pose requires you to lie flat on your stomach and extend your arms outward you should also lift your body upward. Keep your shoulders and ears away from your ears. Next, relax your glutes and lift your hips and knees. Finally, place your hand on the mat. It’s great for stretching and even balancing your body weight.

Conclusion – Weight Loss Yoga Asanas

After reaching a stage everyone worried about their weight and find the solutions to reduce it. Sometimes is too late to act on this so why not start from today. These are the best yoga asanas for weight loss quickly. Here we are explaining easy as well as home-based weight loss plans. You can read our other blogs that may be interesting to you like How To Reduce Belly FatBest Weight Loss Programs, and the Weight loss affiliate network to earn money.



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